Confessions of Organized Crime Group Leader!

Organized Crime Group Leader Sedat Peker, in a video he published on his social media account on May 30, 2021; He confessed that he was "arms trafficking" under the mask of "delivering humanitarian aid to the Syrian Turkmens".

It is seen that Peker, who is on trial in Turkey, while confessing his crimes in order to acquit himself, on the other hand, he acts with the logic of "throw dirt enough, and some will stick" by mentioning many people in order to misdirect the public.

The fact that the fugitive leader of the crime group, whose crimes are documented and proven, targeted the official institution of the Republic of Turkey, the National Intelligence Organization, our distinguished company SADAT Defense, and some bureaucrats in order to misdirect the public has not slip past the notice of the wise public.

We summon the slanderers to prove their slanders and hand over the documents they have to the prosecution office. Peker confesses in his video that he sold weapons to terrorist groups; but our company has no relation with the weapons delivered by Peker to the terrorist groups.

SADAT Defense has not had any training, equipment, consultancy and/or similar work with any group in Syria (as slandered). Our statements in response to the slander campaigns carried out in the past are available on our website and social media accounts.

It is announced to the public with respect.

SADAT Defense Board of Directors